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Automatic slack adjusters asas come in two basic types. We ship ups and use their standard assigned brokerage international customers. Unfollow slack adjuster tool to stop getting updates on your ebay feed. Air brake automatic slack adjusters hd truck twd as1168. The positive lock mechanism is protected from rust and. Built to last, the new versajust slack is compatible with nearly any automatic slack adjuster. Permanently lubricated, yet are equipped with zerk fittings for optional lubrication. Type spline size lever length clevis thread for chamber e195 r801001 unhanded 11410 512 1220 str 16. When you install an automatic slack adjuster, you set the brake chamber. Slack adjusters aad australian automotive distribution.

The arm of the slack adjuster is fastened to the push rod of the chamber with a yoke, and the slack adjuster. Asas should not have to be adjusted to correct excessive push rod stroke. The following diagram shows the relationship of push rod and slack adjuster angle to brake force. The unhanded design purpose is to eliminate having to stock pairs of slacks. The haldex range of manual slack adjusters are permanently lubricated, yet are additionally equipped with a grease nipple for optional lubrication. Gunite automatic slack adjuster identification with the launch of gunites new stateoftheart automatic slack adjuster assembly line there has been a change to the identification information formatting. This component is used to remove the slack created by wear on the friction element of the brake shoes that normally occurs during operation of the vehicle. Caution disengage the pullpawl before turning the manual adjusting nut. An automatic slack adjuster is a mechanical component of the air brake system that adjust brakes as necessary when the vehicle is in operation.

These slacks can be used at any of the lengths available. The identification information now includes the part number, date code and serial number type ii. The automatic slack adjuster asa is a vital part of the foundation brake. Special requests of connection pieces for the slack. Failure to do so could automatic slack adjuster, meritor 42. Unit 3 westpoint enterprise park trafford park manchester m17 1qs. When the air is released to the slack adjusters, the pressure from the air chamber pushes the rod towards the slack adjuster. When it has slid on completely, rotate the slack adjuster until it is secured into place.

Steering or suspension hardware or components are loose. Slack adjuster figure 11 alternative bracket types figure 10 1214 brake application figure 12 universal anchor bracket automatic slack adjuster straight arm automatic ax012 slack adjuster rockwell, dana and fruehauf mounting holes universal anchor bracket eaton mounting hole pre1993 ax010. Eb 03004 determining rod lengthfield replacement rev 1. Premium wheelend brake products spicer automatic slack. Production of slack adjusters brake rigging regulators for railway. Installation and adjustment procedures for meritor automatic slack adjusters tp9173revised 101 technical bulletin important information meritor automatic slack adjusters asas should not need to be manually adjusted in service. The computeraided design cad files and all associated content posted to this website are created, uploaded, managed and owned by third party users. For example, a slack adjuster with an arm span of 5. Get deals on automotive parts, truck parts and more. Ck adjuster oe, original number, and maker, for reference purpose only. Slack adjuster 28 spline manual rockwell axles with 34 adj. Gunite automatic slack adjuster accuride corporation. Our slack adjusters have an adjustable range of 400, 450 or 600 mm with a driving power of 75 or 150 kn.

The trick is to make sure that the slack adjuster arm and its actuator push rod that helps close the adjuster on application of brakes is at a 90 degree angle. Gunite sa10202 automatic slack adjuster product information technical details. The slack adjuster is an airdriven component that controls the up and down movements of the brake pads. How to change an air brake slack adjuster it still runs. Brake attaching hardware is broken, loose or missing. The slack adjuster is an arm attached to a push rod on the brake assembly.

Brake components such as scams, bushings, return springs, actuators, drums and adjuster installation must. Versajust ls slack adjuster with the wearmax clutch. The bendix versajust slack adjuster is designed for use on scam brakes the most common type used on commercial vehicles. Manual slack adjusters for heavy duty trucks and trailers.

Premium wheelend brake products spicer automatic slack adjuster. Brake slack adjusters for commercial trucks and trailers. It acts as a lever, forming the connection between the actuator and the camshaft. Automatic adjusters should not be operated as manual adjusters except as may be necessary to get the vehicle off the road for service. Haldex manual slack adjusters pbr australia pty ltd au 264 east boundary road phone. Step 9 install chamber in bracket, connect slack adjuster and adjust the brakes. Wabtec corporation 30 isabella street pittsburgh, pa 15212 usa phone. Different length slack adjusters are used on the same axle. Maintenance manual 4 cam brakes and automatic slack adjusters.

Manual adjustment of automatic slack adjusters may. Meritor type slack adjuster, 112 10 spl x 512 arm, 5. Where you see the opening with splines, thats what attaches to the other end of the brake cam. Bendix manual slack adjusters sd051200 figure 1 positive lock type slack adjuster description in an scam type foundation brake, the final link between the pneumatic system and the foundation brake is the slack adjuster. Mei brakes producer of automatic slack adjusters and air disc brake calipers. The arm span of a slack adjuster is the distance between the center of the camshaft and the center of the pin hole that is used with the clevis. Alliance automatic slack adjusters include clevis unless otherwise noted. Built to last, the new versajust slack is compatible with nearly any automatic slack adjuster or linkstyle asa.

Apr 09, 2019 these so, with drum brakes, the drums are pushed outward by the rotation of a cam. Rollers attached to the brake shoes roll on the cam. Buy air brake automatic slack adjusters hd truck twd as1168 online from napa auto parts stores. Htmlpdf, 2047699005, air operated wedge brake adjustment. Rotate the hex extension clockwise until the brake linings contact the brake drum. Find here slack adjusters, suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, traders with slack adjusters prices for buying. Meritor foundation brake training spartan emergency response. Procedure for determining correct push rod length field replacement. Meritor automatic slack adjusters asas should not need to be manually adjusted in. How to adjust slack adjusters on trailer brakes it still. Slack adjusters compensate for normal wear of break linings.

Adjusters or anchor brackets that have visual damage, or which fail the operational checks, must be replaced immediately. Body control plate application teeth hole other side saj0283 10283 2901 164 19 1 10284 saj0284 10284 2902 164 19 1 10283 saj0519 10519 4085 909 van hool 27 1 saj0714 10714 2760 571 britsab 10 1 10715 saj0715 10715 2761 571 britsab 10 1 10714. The scam rod inside of the slack adjuster then turns the scam that is attached to the wheel hub assembly. Postive lock mechanism is protected from rust and corrosion by plating and shaft sealing. These so, with drum brakes, the drums are pushed outward by the rotation of a cam. Standard applications, drive axle applications, haldex automatic brake adjusters, aba we are doing scheduled site maintenance.

These may zig zag along the arm of the adjuster and as a result, the selected mounting hole may not align with the centre line of the slack adjuster arm. Different brake chamber sizes are used on the same axle. A manual slack adjuster also called a brake adjuster is a mechanical component in the air brake linkage. The unhanded design slack is simply one in which the pawl assembly has been moved to the edge of the slack.

Figures show typical brackets for automatic brake adjuster applications on steer axle brake assemblies. Shop our large inventory of slack adjusters including international slack adjusters for sale online. Relationship of push rod and slack adjuster angle to brake force. How to adjust slack adjusters on trailer brakes it still runs. This bulletin shows the service bendix versajust ls slack adjuster part number replacements, as well some new service versajust ls slack adjuster units for use with welded clevis chambers.

Clevis yokes manual slack adjusters clevis yoke crewson brunner auto slack adjusters clevis pin manual slack adjuster slack adjuster clevis pin bush. Installation and adjustment procedures for meritor. To install the slack adjuster, first slide the adjuster on to the spline end of the brake cam shaft. Continued form ef 3100 0800 rev 1 03004 march 19, 2004 step 6 subtract the setup stroke. Mei produces more than 600 types of automatic slack adjuster as well as a wide range of our patented selfsetting automatic slack adjusters. Unit is to be mounted with adjuster nut away from push rod only. Slack adjusters often have a range of holes to suit different mounting situation. Htmlpdf, 2047699004, relationship of push rod and slack adjuster. Pawl assembly, works with all meritor automatic slack adjusters international 1676238c91. Performing a slack adjustment means simply adjusting the push rod in the air chamber to within a predetermined tolerance, thereby maintaining optimal brake performance. Automatic slack adjuster protex, meritor, mvs, crewson brunner slack adjuster service parts. The slack adjuster must be installed so the pawl can be removed during maintenance.

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