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The methodology measures return on investment, improves the efficiency of managing operating costs and more effectively determines revenue analysis. The purpose of this thesis is to present different lease valuation techniques. Publications tend to be consulted by many in the aircraft appraisal industry, but the publishers are in the business of selling subscriptions. For more than three decades avicor aviation has been serving owners, operators and financiers of aircraft and aviation businesses with aviation industry consulting and advisory services, aviation business valuation services, aircraft appraisal, and aircraft acquisition services. Aircraft appraisal dos and donts expert commentary. We have created a unique and straightforward 123% commission structure of charges for all transactions. Clegg inc know an aircraft s current true value before you buysellinsure. Future base value is the appraisers forecast of future aircraft values from an initial starting point that is generally its base value a curve is generated using normalized data points derived from a base value, and an extension of that curve produces. Higher aircraft residual value aviation partners boeing. The aircraft value analysis company limited undertakes desktop appraisals for airlines. For this article im going to focus on vref since so many aopa members use the watereddown vref service at. Gauge your aircrafts value and how it fits in todays marketplace, free. The jetaviva team may not be able to provide a detailed valuation on your aircraft if not in the dropdown menu. When turbine aircraft are involved, desktop reporting and inexperience simply dont cut it.

This type of appraisal is recommended for truly unique aircraft like the jetprop upgrade discussed or a blackhawk converted aircraft. Introduction chapter one provides an overview of the study. Orderbook an aircrafts order book reflects the number of firm orders outstanding, and is broken down by. Led by five istat certified appraisers and istat certified senior appraisers, the valuations team is comprised of former aircraft engineers, finance industry professionals, leasing company. The standard aircraft value terms used by the vast majority of aircraft appraisers are defined by the. Your qualified aircraft appraiser will inspect the craft both inside and out, ask questions about the aircraft, check its history, scrutinize its log books and evaluate the aircrafts maintenance records. The aircraft value analysis company limited has been providing serial number specific market values for 28 years.

Aircraft values news was created in 1992 to provide independent and. Cane aviation, inc has provided aviation related valuation opinions and testimony for law firms and insurance companies in the aviation field for more than 20 years. The airliner price guide covers over two hundred makes and models of commercial and regional aircraft. No matter what the aircraft type, a complete knowledge of the current and potential market is crucial to accurate valuation. In order to deliver a personalized, responsive service and to improve the site, we remember and store information about how you use it. This is done using simple text files called cookies which sit on your computer. Air appraisal company specializes in the business of providing aircraft valuation services. Its a quick way to find out the range of listed prices for your search. Valuation techniques for commercial aircraft program design by jacob markish s. Criteria for handling qualities of military aircraft. Using our extensive database and market intelligence, avitas is able. Its a quick way to find out the range of listed prices for. As someone who is looking for aircraft i find the automated tools helpful.

For over 65 years, aircraft bluebook has been the industry choice for complete and reliable aircraft valuation data. The professional aircraft appraiser must acquire all the facts about the aircraft in question. However, the true value of an aircraft can only be ascertained on a casebycase basis resulting from a mutual agreement among the buyer, seller, and lender. Airliner price guide provides information regarding the aircraft manufacturer and model background, direct operating costs, and a variety of. Below are helpful links to resources that can assist you. Want to verify the value of an aircraft that you may purchase. Search below to see the depth of data type business jet helicopter multi engine piston single engine piston turboprop. With airs aircraft valuation package you will receive a free bluebook basic valuation for standard aircraft and quotations solicited from all the major underwriters that would be most competitive for the type of flying you do. Another factor to consider is the market database being used in the analysis, as there are important differences.

The aircraft bluebook price digest is a quarterly print publication also available on cdrom that was established in the 1950s. Iba is a leading independent aviation consultancy that provides an array of services to a wide range of prominent investment funds and banks, aircraft leasing companies, operators, manufacturers and mros. Appraise a plane plane values how to get your aircraft. Avitas the leading advisor to the aviation industry. Finding the best appraisals for your aircraft aviation. Weve literally written the book on aircraft valuations. Anyone looking to buy, sell, insure, or loan on an. Aircraft appraisals and other inspections are fully compliance with all local, state and federal regulations and recommended industrywide standards and guidelines. Thousands of individual aircraft are appraised by avac every year. For more than 29 years the appraisal team at the aircraft value analysis company avac limited have provided proven, consistent and client led appraisals on commercial jets, turboprops and corporate jets business aircraft as well as providing an easy to use subscription based publication service.

It is possible for two classical aircraft to have the same values. Here youll find current best sellers in books, new releases in books, deals in books, kindle ebooks, audible audiobooks, and so much more. Appraise a plane plane values how to get your aircraft or. An accountant will think of it in terms of book value, or the value recorded in the ledger. Aircraftpost is an aviation consulting group and webbased media company providing factbased insight and analysis into strategic planning and business jet values. Business aviation asset evaluation firms asset insight inc.

Aircraft values an aircraft s value means different things to different people. It is impossible for the national aircraft appraisers association to. The aircraft appraiser will also have valuable computer data to refer to on the aircraft he or she is examining. The marketleading aircraft valuation methodology from the aircraft value analysis company avac meets commercial fleet data from rdc aviation for. Online valuation services are not aircraft appraisals and are limited to corporate aircraft and general aviation aircraft. One is aircraft bluebook price digest, and the other is vref publishing. An aircraft s market value is the price at which you could sell the aircraft under the market conditions prevailing at the time in question and its base value is the theoretical value of the aircraft assuming a balanced market in terms of supply and demand. A network approach to the evaluation of aircraft for fleet planning and strategic decision making conference paper pdf available september 2010 with 9,793 reads how we. The appraiser is going to get into the airplane, open panels, thoroughly examine all the engine logs and maintenance logs, and take a careful look at the aircraft. Business aircraft valuation firms merge business aviation.

The values provided assume a halftime condition for the aircraft and may or may not be tied to a specific serial number. An aircrafts value means different things to different people. There are two publications that report book values for aircraft. If it flies, chances are we can help you determine the value of. Prior to forming avac, he worked for an aviation consultancy company in the u. Are you buying or selling inventory, using it for collateral, or just need to know the value of an inventory of parts. However, these books do not provide an acceptable alternative to a certified appraisal, for a number of reasons.

The values calculated by this site are dependent upon the data entered by the user. We will still provide you a valuation report regardless, though it may only include values provided from various book value tools we have available to us. Clegg inc know an aircrafts current true value before you buysellinsure. The primary value opinions we develop are market value, base value and future base value. Further, the appraisal can assist in expediting the sale of the aircraft because the buyer and seller know the fair market value and relative condition of the aircraft through the independent appraisal. By providing real time fleet statistics, market data and transactions, aircraftpost enables better informed decisions to owners, operators, brokers, oems and lenders. Vref and aircraft bluebook, the two primary aircraft valuation services, are helpful when it comes time to figure the retail value of an airplane before buying or selling. You could pay premium for what appears to be a premium airplane, or get a deal, and the engine fails in 15 hours, which effectively raises the price of the airplane the amount of the new engine. The aircraft bluebook price digest and vrefs aircraft value reference guide are two wellknown and utilized resource books.

Well show you the average, lowest and highest prices found in the results. Vref online offers subscribers access to a complete database of over 450 aircraft models, including piston fixedwing, turbine, and turboprop fixedwing, turbine, and piston helicopters, commercial narrowbody, warbirds, experimental, lightsport, regional transport, as well asstandalonee engines. The condition descriptors poor, average, good, very good, and excellent have special meanings and are described in the instructions. We routinely refer to these books for general pricing information, as well as other very useful information contained within. The appraiser thoroughly examines the aircraft log books, inspects the exterior and interior of the aircraft and pays close attention to the present condition and the maintenance history of the aircraft. The aopa aircraft valuation service can be used as a good starting point when attempting to determine the general retail value of an airplane. Why youre probably using it wrong welcome to wildblue.

The airliner price guide has been a premier source of accurate aircraft and engine values for both commercial and regional aircraft for over 30 years. Basics of aircraft market analysis aircraft monitor. There are books, publications, software and other printed media that are popular within the appraisal industry. Aircraft values, aviation consulting and technical. Aircraft valuation spreadsheet the valuation spreadsheet is a one page report which provides the client with fair market and future values on an inflated and uninflated basis. Phone interviews with four experienced appraisers were transcribed, and then used as the data used to form the conclusions of the study.

Base value the determination of base value, an aircrafts balanced market, long term value, is a highly subjective matter, one in which even the most skilled appraisers may have widely divergent views. Oct 17, 2018 excluding those mostly noncash items from the valuation creates a more realistic and comparative operating profit measure. Excluding those mostly noncash items from the valuation creates a more realistic and comparative operating profit measure. The chapter introduces the background of aircraft appraisals and how it pertains to the topics of aircraft appraising. Valuation techniques for commercial aircraft program design. We conduct appraisals on all types of aircraft, from fixed wing single engine piston aircraft, to business jets, to airliners. We operate globally, which means that we are privileged to work with a variety of clients across the aviation asset spectrum to identify and. The unstated piece to the equation, though, is that whether its overpriced or a deal, there arent any guarantees. Aviation consultancy at iba international bureau of aviation. The appraiser thoroughly examines the aircraft log books, inspects the exterior and interior of the aircraft, and pays close attention to the present condition and the maintenance history of the aircraft. Aircraft appraisals appraisal services fidelity appraisals. Apr 18, 2016 business aircraft valuation firms merge.

Aircraft valuation other than aopa vref pilots of america. An aircraft trader will consider it as the fair market value. First, we use our own research, judgment and perceptions of each aircraft types long term competitive strengths and weaknesses visavis both. The books homepage helps you explore earths biggest bookstore without ever leaving the comfort of your couch.

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